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Online Edition | September 28, 2020

Finding koalas: Forest fires are very dangerous for wild animals, but in Australia, a border collie came to the rescue. The dog, named Bear, was trained by Detection Dogs for Conservation to find koalas that are hiding in the trees. Bear was chosen for the task because he is able to find the small mammals by their scent. When he locates a koala, he settles himself under the tree and waits for one of his human bosses to arrive. Then the humans figure out how to get the little animal down from its high perch.

Painter’s message: A house painter in Bolsover, Derbyshire, England, hadn’t been paid for the work he’d done on a building, so he took matters into his own hands. On the front of the freshly painted, cream-colored, two-story structure, Dean Reeves painted a message in black: “Want your house painted? Don’t be like Terry. Pay the bill! Now you will!” According to Reeves, building owner Terry Turner had continually refused to pay all of the agreed upon amount until the painter completed extra tasks. When Reeves understood what the owner was doing, he decided to paint the message. 

Up a pole: Vernon Kruger must love heights and small places. Hailing from the town of Dullstroom, South Africa, he has lived in a 500-liter (132-US liquid gallon) barrel on top of a 25-meter (82-ft.) pole for many days at a time. And he’s done it twice. The first time was in 1997, when he broke the previous record
by staying in the barrel for 67 days. Recently, he broke his own record when he stayed there for 78 days. His stay wasn’t easy. He had to sleep curled up and had to rely on others to send food and water up to him in a wicker basket. He used the stunt to raise money for charity.

Award winner: Hibino Sekkei, an architectural firm in Japan, decided to bring nursery school children closer to nature through building design. Taku Hibino is the lead architect. His firm has gained a reputation for designing facilities for early childhood education. The renovation of YM Nursery, a school in Tottori
prefecture, is a prime example. The design called for opening the school up to the sea and the forest through open spaces and sliding doors, which helps bring the outdoors inside. The firm won best in its category at the World Architecture Festival.

“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: My strength lies solely in my tenacity.” —Louis Pasteur
“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” —Vince Lombard

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GG’s Homestyle Café

600 Medical Park Drive Suite 165, Madison, TN 37115. | Located in the Horton Building. Stop by for breakfast or lunch. Open Monday-Saturday from 7AM-2PM and Sunday 11:30-4:00PM


 Beans & Greens

4401 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205

A trusted source for CBD-infused treats, beverages, and products formulated to help you relax and satisfy your sweet tooth! Enjoy a variety of sweets, such as: Chocolate chips cookies and Brownies. In addition, they serve Coffee, Milkshakes, and Smoothies. They provide selections with or without CBD

The Marketplace in East Nashville

Recurring | Saturdays 11AM-5PM | 400 Davidson Street, Nashville, TN 37213

6FT apart YOGA in the Park

BBB YOGA Nashville

Recurring | Sundays 9:30AM-11:30AM

Come to yoga class and distant socializing on Sunday mornings at the State Capitol Grounds!

Facebook: BBB-YOGA-Nashville

Mercantile on the Square | Small Business Pop-Up Market

Saturday, October 3rd is the monthly pop-up market in Gallatin, TN at Mercantile on the Square.

This market is held monthly and its purpose is to support and promote small businesses.

The downtown square is shut down and full of vendors, live music, and fun.

There will be 14 vendors set up for admission and entry is free.

10:00AM- 5:00PM

Wine Down Nashville


2720 Old Lebanon Rd Suite 111, Nashville, TN 37214

Beatles Brunch hosted by Philip Shouse with Monica Lewellen

Music and event-based boutique Wine and Spirits bar. A true Nashville experiences!


Germantown Art Crawl


A monthly Germantown event to showcase local artists, local beer, local music, and local businesses. The event takes place the 3rd Saturday of the month from 6pm-9pm. Artists can apply via email at [email protected]


The Stolen Faces – Music City Wine Garden – Nashville, TN

City Winery Nashville

Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 7:30 PM CDT

City Winery is proud to announce shows will now take place in our Music City Wine Garden!

Music City Jerk Festival | Riverfront Park Downtown Nashville
Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 1pm – 9:30pm

Enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere while savoring tasty Jerk chicken and other
authentic Caribbean cuisine. Live entertainment and family activities. FREE
Admission to the general public.

Urban centers: The two most populous cities in Ecuador are Guayaquil, a port city, and Quito, the county’s capital. Other large cities include Cuenca, Santo Domingo, and Machala.

Heed the sign: Muehrcke’s lines are white bands that cross a fingernail horizontally. They don’t move as the nail grows. These lines may be a sign that the body is low on a protein called albumin.

Great source: The work of science-fiction author Philip K. Dick was the source material for a number of American blockbuster movies. They include Blade Runner in 1982, Total Recall in 1990, and Minority Report in 2002.

Eye color: Estimates of the percentage of people with brown eyes range from 55 to 90, making brown the most common eye color. Only about 8 to 10% of people have blue eyes. Even fewer, 2%, have green eyes.
Fruit or vegetable? 

Watermelon is designated as both a fruit and a vegetable. It’s a fruit because it grows from seeds, and a vegetable because it belongs to the same vegetable family as cucumber, pumpkin and squash.

  • What if dogs fetch the ball back only because they think you  really like throwing it?
  • Boss: “Wake up! If you want to snooze, why don’t you leave work and go home?” Employee: “Oh no. I can’t get paid to sleep there.”
  •  What is it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum? A meltdown!
  • Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building? Of course. The Empire State Building can’t jump.
  • A guest calls the waiter and complains, “How come there are no chairs at our table?!”
    The waiter shrugs, “I’m sorry but you only booked one table.”

1. Which singer has been named “The King of Soul”— Otis Redding or James Brown?
2. The estimated time for a plastic bottle to decompose is 4 yrs., 40 yrs., or 450 yrs.?
3. Which elephant has larger ears, the African or Asian elephant?
4. Name the Prince in the Disney film Frozen.
5. What implements do you need to row a boat?

See answers at bottom of page.

Play our monthly contest by picking up a paper copy at one of our distribution locations or download the PDF version. ➡ Madison 9-28-20

Trivia Answers
1. Otis Redding 2. 450 yrs. 3. African 4. Hans 5. Oars

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