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Online Edition | October 19, 2020

Big book: Paper-making experts Bela Varga and his son Gábor Varga, of the tiny village of Szinpetri in northern Hungary, made what is thought to be the world’s largest handmade book. The duo’s book measures 4.18 x 3.77 meters (13.7 x 12.4 ft.) and weighs 1,420 kilograms (3,130 lbs.). Its 346 pages are filled with information and photos about the flora and fauna of the region. On display at the Szinpetri paper mill, the book had to be lowered into place with a crane. So as not to rip the paper when reading, six people are
needed to turn one of the enormous pages. The name of the book is Our Fragile Natural Heritage.

Magical place: Off the west coast of Scotland lies the Isle of Skye, on which is a magical place called the Fairy Pools. Located near the village of Carbost, the pools contain crystal clear turquoise waters. There are numerous small waterfalls that flow from one pool to another. Surrounding the Fairy Pools is a craggy range known as the Cuillin Mountains. Visitors can swim in the pools, but the water is cold, so a wetsuit is recommended. To get to this natural wonder, it is necessary to hike through the Glen Brittle forest, but visitors say it’s worth the effort!

Fake pool: New owners of units in a high-rise building in Changsha, in central China, are not very happy. The property developer didn’t accurately explain the amenities of their new home, and the buyers thought they were getting something luxurious. The buyers were told that the area included lush vegetation and a pool. However, the pool was actually blue plastic on the ground, which looks like a pool when viewed from a high
balcony, but most certainly is not. The park-like vegetation also turned out to be non-existent. The developers are hoping to work things out with the new residents of the units.

Bad burglar: A Polish man didn’t make a very good burglar. He broke into an older couple’s house when they were away on a holiday. Apparently, Lukasz Chojnowski made himself right at home for a couple of days. When owners Pat Dyson and Martin Holtby returned, they found Chojnowski sleeping in their bed.
The man had been evicted from his rental accommodation and, as he had nowhere to go, decided to break into the empty house. He didn’t steal anything and cleaned up after himself. The owners called police, but were not angry because Chojnowski was tidy and apparently didn’t mean any harm.

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.” —Benjamin Disraeli
“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.”

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Old world wealth: The Peterhof Palace is a landmark in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Sprawling and opulent, its gardens contain statues made of gold. Built in the 1700s, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered an architectural masterpiece.
Ad-free TV: When America’s first television station started broadcasting in 1928, there were no commercials. The first ad didn’t appear until 13 years later in 1941. It was for a Bulova watch.
Nut butters: Peanut butter and almond butter are rivals in many households. While similar in calories, almond butter is lower in saturated fat and higher in vitamins and minerals. Peanut butter has a little more protein.
Luscious locks: Red hair is recessive, meaning that a person with red hair must receive a recessive gene from each parent to be red-haired themselves. Famous redheads include American actress Lucille Ball and Rupert Grint, who played Ron in the Harry Potter movies.
World traveler: Canadian adventurer Colin Angus went around the world in 2004 using only human power. The two year trek included five months of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean with his fiancée Julie Wafaei. The two are now married.

  • Shouldn’t there be a shorter word for “monosyllabic”?
  • “Do you want to hear a joke backwards?”
    “Yes.” “Very good, start laughing.”
  • Why didn’t the dinosaur cross the road? Because there weren’t even any roads during the Jurassic Period!
  • Teacher: “Where was the Constitution signed?”
    Student: “At the bottom of the page!”
  • How do you get down from an elephant? You don’t. You get down from a goose.

1. What are edamame?
2. Which Bill is known as “The Science Guy”?
3. Origami is the art of what?
4. In Star Trek, who was the captain of the Starfleet?
5. Is a jellyfish classified as a fish—Yes/No?

See answers at bottom of page.

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Trivia Answers
1. Green soybeans 2. Bill Nye 3. Paper folding 4. James T. Kirk 5. No

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