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Big burger: Those who enjoy eating great big burgers might want to visit Chris Steaks and Burgers in Bangkok, Thailand. The burger in question is enormous. The ground beef or pork patty weighs six kilograms (13 lbs.) and is loaded with fattening extras, such as bacon, mayonnaise, and onion rings. Lomdech Kongsuwan, the restaurant owner, is offering 10,000 baht to any diner able to gobble up the meal in nine minutes. So far,
very few customers have been able to accomplish the feat.

Lost and found: Ken Woroschuk may be missing a truck, but the important thing is that he has his dog, whose name is Nick. Woroschuk, from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), left the vehicle running to keep Nick warm while he ran an errand. The truck, along with the attached flatbed trailer, was stolen, along with Nick, who had been waiting patiently in the cab. The trailer was found quickly, but not the truck or Nick. Luckily, the thief must have decided to let the dog go, as Nick was found, unharmed, on a nearby street. For Woroschuk, that was all that mattered.

Permanent love: It seems that Truong Van Lam is truly in love with his fiancée, Luong Kha Tran. The Vietnamese man decided to show his deep feelings in a permanent way: he hired a tattoo artist to ink her likeness on his back. It took many hours and three sessions to get the job done. While the man has other tattoos related to his beloved (her birthdate on his chest and their initials on his wrists) the back tattoo is by far the largest, covering his whole back. She was a bit taken aback at first, but has grown to like the image of herself because it is a symbol of her fiancé’s love.

Lovely loaves: When customers buy a loaf of bread made by “Hannah,” they don’t want to ruin it by cutting it up and making sandwiches. That’s because Hannah’s loaves are works of art. The food artist from North Carolina (U.S.), who is known as Blondie and Rye on social media, carves intricate designs into her loaves. She uses a special blade to etch the bread with patterns of leaves. Often, she’ll adorn it by adding cut up vegetables and fruit on top. It doesn’t matter whether the bread product is a bagel, a round loaf of pumpernickel, or a long sourdough loaf, Hannah makes her loaves enticing to anyone.

“Recompense injury with justice and recompense kindness with kindness.” —Confucius “It’s like magic. When you live by yourself, all your annoying habits are gone!” —Merrill Markoe

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Germantown Art Crawl| SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2020 AT 6 PM CST – 9 PM CST | The event takes place the 3rd Saturday of the month from 6pm-9pm. Artists can apply via email at [email protected]


Late Night Lights | Cheekwood | Through January 7, 2021 | Late Night Lights tickets are $20 for Youth or Adult tickets and must be reserved in advance online prior to visiting. No tickets will be sold on-site.

Music Valley’s Cruise In Pop Up | Music Valley Dr| SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2020 AT 10 AM CST – 5 PM CST |Come and Browse some amazing cars from 9-12 at Music Valley’s Cruise in Hosted by @NashvilleCoffee’s and then shop some amazing vendors among the pop up!

Food Truck Feast in East Nashville – FALL SEASON | 400 Davidson St, Nashville, TN 37213 | Saturday’s 11:00AM- 5:00PM | 

Nashville Vodka Festival Downtown Nashville | SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2020 AT 11 AM CST – 3 PM CST- Local Art, Music, Business…Free Event & Cash Bar

Nashville Mimosa Crawl Alley Taps | SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2020 AT 11 AM CST – 5 PM CST- Ticket Types: General Admission $15 – Includes Discounted Mimosas and Entry into the Event with Giveaways. Age: 21+ |

Red and white: Indonesia’s flag has two horizontal bars. The top is red and the bottom is white. It is similar to the flag of Monaco, which is not as long as Indonesia’s. Poland’s flag is similar, but the white is over the red.
Batting average: Different woods are used to make baseball bats. Ash is common, as it is flexible. Maple is popular because it is hard and dense, allowing the ball to quickly bounce off the bat. Birch and bamboo are also choices of bat manufacturers.
Teeny bone: The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes. About the size of a grain of rice, this bone is located in the middle ear. Its purpose is to transmit sound vibrations.
Slavic scene: Belarus is a Slavic country in eastern Europe bordering on Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Official languages are Belarusian and Russian. The capital is Minsk.
Appealing show: Variety shows were a staple of early television. For example, Ed Sullivan’s Toast of the Town aired on CBS from 1948 to 1971. In 1955, its name changed to The Ed Sullivan Show. Elvis Presley appeared on the show in 1956.

  • A car is something your kid manages to get into the garage on the last drop of gas!
  • Teacher: “Which book has helped you the most in your life?”
    Student: “My father’s checkbook!”
  • Travel agency slogan: “We mean it when we say we want you to go away.”
  • What can you do with alligator skins? Keep alligators in them!
  • Q: Why did the chicken go to the séance?
    A: To get to the other side.

1. Which is lighter in weight—platinum or palladium?
2. The ostrich is a relative of what other big bird?
3. What is the opposite of paleo?
4. Which board game features grand masters?
5. Who was Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2019?
See answers at bottom of page.

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Trivia Answers
1. Palladium 2. Emu 3. Neo- 4. Chess 5. Greta Thunberg

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